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What Happened at Wild Roots, 4

Slowly Wild Roots came to feel more like home. The buildings and stations on the property were connected by a main trail system that curved around our stream, which we called Squeaky Frog. At the entrance was the Rat Shack, which hosted a library and annex where we kept all our snacks. When I arrived […]

What Happened at Wild Roots, 3

Wild Roots began about fifteen years back, when some burnt out activists, anarchists, and rewilders decided to take a break from politics and learn primitive skills. One woman in this founding group had a sister with a lot of money, from an inheritance or something, and the sister agreed to buy the land needed for […]

Toward a Human Rewilding Method

On a psychotherapeutic method I I am abandoning the term “psychotherapeutic technique” — human rewilding is the psychotherapeutic technique, and what a much prettier name! More, “psychotherapeutic technique” may give the erroneous impression that the means of making man well-suited to this world is engineering him properly (see “On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social […]

On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social Life

I. So much tension released. I feel I’ve been punching a bag with weights on my hands this whole time, and now that they’ve been taken off I’m left standing amazed, a little horrified, feebly saying “Woah.” II. I feel a little bit had. The realization that I’ve been more than just my own experiment […]