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Regional Collapse, Regional Liberation

Or, “A Primitivist Theory of Combined and Uneven Development.” Source: Uncivilized Introduction The spread of capitalism and industrialism was predominantly a ‘Western’ phenomenon, which slowly disseminated among the world through trade, and colonial and imperial relations. The centers of industrial-economics, or the First World, outsources the process of primary industry — the extraction and collection […]

The Tactical Spectrum

This article was translated to Spanish by Animus Delendi. Every healthy movement has a functioning tactical spectrum, connections between the most moderate to the most radical elements. For example, Earth First! provided a radical wing to the conservation movement, allowing the Sierra Club to make more impressive demands and resulting in gains for both organizations. […]

Wild Reaction Reading List

This list will be periodically updated. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions. Links are to free versions of the books online. For information on the theoretical side of the politics, see “Reading List: Primitivist Theory.” A New Conservation Politics by David Johns — Johns is a long-time conservationist and former member […]