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An Awakening

I What would the most extreme, uncompromising element of the tactical spectrum (II) look like? Radical environmentalists have traditionally envisioned it as the docile, lovable hippie. But if we are talking about reverting to savagery, we must be willing to become savages again. Today, this will not look like the nomadic hunter/gatherers of the Paleolithic, but shards […]

The Idea for Idols

As it stands, the purpose of The Idols of Civilization is to hypothesize on the nature of the wild will‘s psychology. The basic idea is that civilization has created an amalgam of psychological neuroses, fixations, etc. that keep it running and functional. This is done through a “civilizing process,” where human nature is cultivated through cultural […]

Humanism and Civilization’s Moral Idols

The following is a condensed summary of my thoughts on humanism and nihilism. It pulls sections from essays, notes, etc. that regular readers may have already come across, and I apologize for the repetitiveness. Consider it a necessary consolidation phase before The Idols of Progress. Background I In Repent to the Primitive I explain that human […]

The Real Paleoconservatives

I The greens have been consumed by the progressive left, and have therefore been humanized. But how might we naturalize? How might we crack open the watermelons and reveal their red interior? II A man needs a fellowship, but in our fractured modern conditions we must create it. How can we create a group? It is not, of […]

Toward a Human Rewilding Method

On a psychotherapeutic method I I am abandoning the term “psychotherapeutic technique” — human rewilding is the psychotherapeutic technique, and what a much prettier name! More, “psychotherapeutic technique” may give the erroneous impression that the means of making man well-suited to this world is engineering him properly (see “On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social […]

Meditation Notes 1

Lately I’ve been practicing some meditation techniques, per my stated goals in “Winter Rewilding 2017.” What follows will be contradictory, kind of crazy, and provisional. But the techniques call for absolute freedom of mind, so I’m going to just let loose and see what kind of insights they yield. As stated in “On My Ignorance and […]

Commencement Notes

The following essay appears in Reflections #1. I. A fully developed radicalism will look inward, on the self, as much as outward, to society; to childhood as much as to economics. II. The past was different, other societies are different: true enough, and a good starting point for examining the possibilities of life. The knowledge broadens […]

Taking Rewilding Seriously

Source: The Dark Mountain Project It is, it seems, our civilisation’s turn to experience the inrush of the savage and the unseen; our turn to be brought up short by contact with untamed reality. — Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto Wildness is the Focus Rewilding has become something of a fad. The internet and libraries are […]