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Review: The Perfect 46

The Perfect 46 is an indie film that covers the rise and fall of a “genome-matching” service by the same name. Shot in a faux documentary style intermixed with a traditional movie narrative, the film achieves a striking realism that left many tech- and science-savvy reviewers with little but high praise to give, including Science, Scientific American, and MIT Technology Review. Ellen […]

Review: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski

Editor’s Note: Kaczynski’s book is now available for purchase. I.     Introduction According to an announcement released by one of the indomitistas, political associates of Ted Kaczynski, Kaczynski’s new book, Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How will soon be available. Fortunately, I have had a look at the pre-release version, and in this essay I will review […]

Review: Green Delusions by Martin Lewis

Summary—Martin Lewis’ Green Delusions is a critique of various forms of radical environmentalism. This review explores how these critiques relate to the wildist ideology. Introduction Martin Lewis is a former believer in radical environmentalism who published Green Delusions to refute these ideologies once he came to the realization that, according to him, the very things […]

A Review of Dark Mountain #8

If you haven’t heard of the Dark Mountain Project yet, you should check it out. It was launched in 2009 with the publication of a thought-provoking manifesto, “Uncivilisation,” in which the authors Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth issue out a call for artists to seriously question the narratives of industrial civilization, and to imagine what alternative […]