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Some Suggestions Concerning Strategy

The following manuscript by Ted Kaczynski is undated, but seems to have been produced sometime in the 90s or earlier. Note that some of these suggestions are outdated. In particular, network and spatial analysis techniques, now in common use by the military and counterterrorism experts, make suggestion (2) essentially suicidal. (Some networked forms of organization, […]

Technology and Human Destiny

The following is from chapter 12 of Dr. David Skrbina’s book, The Metaphysics of Technology, republished here with permission. An expansion of these ideas will be printed in his forthcoming book, Sustainability Beyond Technology (2020). Humanity once held a privileged position on this Earth.  From the late Neolithic through the early agricultural period into the era […]

Letter: Ted Kaczynski to Tim LaPietra

As an undergraduate student Tim LaPietra published Ted Kaczynski’s essay “Ship of Fools.” The Wildernist interviewed LaPietra in 2016. For more on Ted Kaczynski’s concept of “leftism,” see also “The System’s Neatest Trick” and my own “A Critique of the Concept of ‘Leftism’.”  December 26, 2000 A few weeks ago we had cell rotation. (For security […]

Revolution and Recuperation

The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel. — Mark 1:15 The proposal for a radical environmentalist revolution against industrial society is indeed no longer a question of whether a revolutionary movement is necessary or possible. One might easily agree that such a movement is […]

Escaping Society Peacefully Isn’t an Option

This essay has been translated to Spanish by Animus Delendi. Anti-modern ideas are actually quite popular among the masses of industrial societies, especially the U.S. But the most popular form of anti-modernism is almost entirely escapist in character, sapped of any political content beyond a rejection of the current order. The dreams represented in this […]

Like a Magnet to Metal Files

What follows is a major step toward determining a decisive plan for political action. Preliminary reading: The Rewilding Program: Proposal for an Anti-Industrial Strategy Contemporary Applications of The Organizational Weapon The History and Impact of Earth First! A Critique of the Concept of ‘the System’ The question today is no longer, Is a revolution necessary? […]

Contemporary Applications of The Organizational Weapon

Communism is pre-eminently a movement based on will. Force is the final arbiter, vigorous intervention is the keynote, and victory goes to those who have the courage to see things through to the end. — Selznick, The Organizational Weapon In the 1950s the RAND Corporation published The Organizational Weapon, a monograph that examined bolshevik strategies and tactics […]

Wild Reaction Reading List

This list will be periodically updated. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions. Links are to free versions of the books online. For information on the theoretical side of the politics, see “Reading List: Primitivist Theory.” A New Conservation Politics by David Johns — Johns is a long-time conservationist and former member […]