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Very Heady Stuff

I I’ve been considering lately the threat the idea of human rewilding poses in potentially advancing agendas of behavior control. Consider how we rewild animals: GPS collars, medicines, tweaking their behaviors in zoos as a building block to their release in the wild… Although human rewilding, by virtue of the fact that the involved animal […]

More on human rewilding

I How to restore man to his natural state? Catharsis. Allow him to dabble in all his desires, even — especially — the sick ones. Then reflect these desires back on him, make him ponder them. It is in this process of pondering that repair occurs. He looks at what aspects of his desires he enjoys […]

From the Madhouse

I We want superhumans, not superstates. What is the psychology of the superhuman? What is the psychology of the wild will? He will destroy every idol — the nation, the state, humanity, progress, moral obligations — but do you think the prophets of Ba’al would smash their statues to bits if they first did not […]


I’ve been getting a little bit exhausting lately with all the emotional weight I’ve been holding up. I know I have the capacity to be more vibrant than this — it’s how I was before I was forced to pay attention to all those deep down wounds that now, thankfully, are scabbed and healing. But […]