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The Truth About Primitive Life: A Critique of Anarcho-Primitivism

1. As the Industrial Revolution proceeded, modern society created for itself a self-congratulatory myth, the myth of “progress”: From the time of our remote, ape-like ancestors, human history had been an unremitting march toward a better and brighter future, with everyone joyously welcoming each new technological advance: animal husbandry, agriculture, the wheel, the construction of […]

Land Management Among Hunter-Gatherers: Questioning the Ubiquity Claims

Photo by Nathan Ward. Link to PDF version of article. Abstract Evidence that our industrial society, built on agricultural subsistence, is inherently ecologically destructive underlines the value in identifying which, if any, past human subsistence approaches have been ecologically benign. The traditional land management practiced by some hunter-gatherers is touted by some as a model […]

Our Decline in (Pre-)Historical Context

We are not the first society to suffer decline. For all of the recent technological advances, our problems are the same ones that confronted the ancient Maya, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs, Incas, and others. Scholars used to search for the fatal flaw in each of these communities, hoping that their collapse was caused by a […]