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Very Heady Stuff

I I’ve been considering lately the threat the idea of human rewilding poses in potentially advancing agendas of behavior control. Consider how we rewild animals: GPS collars, medicines, tweaking their behaviors in zoos as a building block to their release in the wild… Although human rewilding, by virtue of the fact that the involved animal […]


Occasionally I’ll post short stories that are related to non-fiction themes on this blog. See, e.g., “The Carnival and the Madman.” This is from college, ~2015. I set out today with a tab and a half of LSD and a jar of weed to find a story to tell. But the night kept beating at me […]

An Awakening

I What would the most extreme, uncompromising element of the tactical spectrum (II) look like? Radical environmentalists have traditionally envisioned it as the docile, lovable hippie. But if we are talking about reverting to savagery, we must be willing to become savages again. Today, this will not look like the nomadic hunter/gatherers of the Paleolithic, but shards […]

Humanism and Civilization’s Moral Idols

The following is a condensed summary of my thoughts on humanism and nihilism. It pulls sections from essays, notes, etc. that regular readers may have already come across, and I apologize for the repetitiveness. Consider it a necessary consolidation phase before The Idols of Progress. Background I In Repent to the Primitive I explain that human […]

You Can Call Me Jacobi

I I am much less concerned with looking arrogant than being arrogant. I have not done anything; the world has gifted me with I. Highest state of consciousness one of thanksgiving, affirmation, awe. Vanity, on the other hand, is a delicious sin. Make yourself an object of art, let your friends peer on you as […]

Toward an Anti-Modern Metaphysics, or Epistemology

I To my knowledge all metaphysical systems that have held cultural weight are either dualistic or monistic. I count animist / polytheist systems among the monist metaphysics, since all (again, to my knowledge) eventually reduce to a supreme deity (e.g., The Great Spirit, Atman, etc.). On the latter point see Radin’s Primitive Man as Philosopher. […]

A Provisional Synthesis

I Two great knowledge-systems rule the contemporary world: the morality of humanism and the metaphysics of science. Both are struggling to fight the decaying force of nihilism, toward which all knowledge systems are converging. But their struggle is helpless: soon you will see me hurl both into the black abyss. II Humanism and science exist […]

Meditation Notes 3

Lately I’ve been practicing some meditation techniques, per my stated goals in “Winter Rewilding 2017.” What follows will be contradictory, kind of crazy, and provisional. But the techniques call for absolute freedom of mind, so I’m going to just let loose and see what kind of insights they yield. As stated in “On My Ignorance and […]

Notes on a psychotherapeutic method

I. The world is fluid, constantly moving, shifting always, dividing men into several classes: those who try to conceal uncertainty with rigid symbolic systems — the fundamentalists; those who give up trying to conquer anything and let the world wash them away — the weak nihilists; those who deny their own will — the ascetics; and those who […]