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Letter: Ted Kaczynski to an Anonymous German

Ted Kaczynski’s thoughts on revolution, anti-tech ideology, and green anarchists in a letter to a German. There are two difficulties connected with the characteristic victimization issues of the left, such as the alleged oppression of women, homosexuals, racial or ethnic minorities, and animals. First, these issues distract attention from the technology problem. Rebellious energies that […]

Letter: Ted Kaczynski to A.O.

Ted Kaczynski explains how a revolution against industrial society could be successful. You write: “Even some primitive people from Mexico join the values of modern society (because of TV). What could make them go back to the forest?” What could “make them go back to the forest” would be an end to the functioning of […]

Letter: Ted Kaczynski to M.K.

Ted Kaczynski describes his experiences in the wilderness and his thoughts on civilization, violence, and green anarchism. Up to the time when I entered Harvard University at the age of sixteen, I used to dream of escaping from civilization and going to live in some wild place. During the same period, my distaste for modern […]