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Editorial Introduction to “Invasive”

Readers,  In this issue we have published an article by Abe Cabrera, “Invasive: Nature in the Anthropocene.” It will undoubtedly spark at least some controversy, so I feel compelled to say a few words on it. Invasive species are a difficult question for conservation generally, but they are an especially important question for conservation that emphasizes […]

Invasive: Nature in the Anthropocene

Editor’s Note: Please read the editorial introduction to this article. φύσις κρύπτεσθαι φιλεῖ (Nature loves to hide) — Heraclitus Heaven and Earth are everlasting The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever Is that they do not exist for themselves Thus they can last forever. — Laozi, Dao De Jing, Chapter 7 The topic of invasive species […]