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Theresa Kintz’ Interview with Ted Kaczynski

Source Kaczynski’s story represents a parable: “Once upon a time there was a continent covered with beautiful pristine wilderness, where giant trees towered over lush mountainsides and rivers ran wild and free through deserts, where raptors soared and beavers labored at their pursuits and people lived in harmony with wild nature, accomplishing every task they […]

Ted Kaczynski’s Interview with the John Jay Sentinel

All grammatical errors from the originally-published interviews have been retained. It also seems as though part three was never published. Part of this interview has been translated to Spanish by Naturaleza Indomita, an website run by some of Kaczynski’s associates. 1.┬áTheodore Kaczysnki (Unabomber) Answers Questions About His Book And Society Theodore Kaczynski (UNABOMBER) is serving […]