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Letters: Ted Kaczynski and Derrick Jensen

Introduction These letters are representative of a unique phase in Kaczynski’s thought. Immediately after his capture and until about the early 2000s, Kaczynski seemed to focus his recruitment efforts on the anarcho-primitivist and green anarchist movements. He submitted articles to the Earth First! Journal and Green Anarchist, and he updated Live Wild or Die! on his legal […]

The History and Impact of Earth First!

Genesis Many workmen Built a huge ball of masonry Upon a mountaintop Then they went to the valley below, And turned to behold their work. “It is grand,” they said; They loved the thing. Of a sudden, it moved: It came upon them swiftly; It crushed them all to blood. But some had opportunity to […]

Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski

A little while back, I received a book from the publisher of Kaczynski’s second book (see below). It requested that I do not put the contents of Kaczynski’s new book on my website, with the vague implication of legal action. It was probably sent at Kaczynski’s request.   Fortunately some people have already put PDFs […]

Earth First!: A Founder’s Story

Source Dave Foreman’s old Volkswagen bus wobbled on unbalanced tires to the northeast across the Plains of San Augustine on New Mexico Highway 12. The salsa at the Mexican restaurant in the town of Reserve had been so hot that Foreman and I were attempting—without success—to drown the fire in our mouths and bellies with […]

Whither Earth First?!

Source A hallmark of Earth First! from its inception has been an acceptance of diversity within our movement. Just as a diverse ecosystem is more stable, many of us have argued that a diverse social movement is stronger. Nonetheless, while diversity can strengthen and stabilize our tribe, too much diversity can fracture and immobilize it. […]

Land Management Among Hunter-Gatherers: Questioning the Ubiquity Claims

Photo by Nathan Ward. Link to PDF version of article. Abstract Evidence that our industrial society, built on agricultural subsistence, is inherently ecologically destructive underlines the value in identifying which, if any, past human subsistence approaches have been ecologically benign. The traditional land management practiced by some hunter-gatherers is touted by some as a model […]

Reprint: Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters

Source The Unabomber Affair Ted Kaczynski, also known as the ‘Unabomber’, is a US terrorist known for his 17-year bombing campaign as the terror group ‘FC’, which targeted individuals involved in technical fields like computing and genetics. In early 1995, the New York Times received a communique from FC in the mail: This is a […]

Some Context for Issue Six

1      INTRODUCTION In recent years the Mexican terrorist group Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (ITS) has grown from a lowly group to an international eco-terrorist tendency. They have birthed a successful ideology, unique, but inspired by Ted Kaczynski, the nihilist terrorists (especially in Europe), the indomitistas based primarily in Spain, and others. They have also […]