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Review of Earlier Works and Their Merits

What follows is an annotated bibliography of all major ideological works I have produced since starting the Wild Will Project. One might note that earlier essays receive harsher comments than later essays. There is no reason to believe this will not continue to be the trend in the future, so keep up with the blog […]

Apostles and Heretics

This is an article I originally wrote for Atassa: Readings in Eco-Extremism, a journal published from the East Bay. I am republishing it here because ITS, the terror group that is the main subject of the article (and the journal) is rapidly spreading — it now has cells in Mexico, Finland, Greece, Italy, and various […]

Ted Kaczynski on Individualists Tending Toward Savagery (ITS)

Source Regarding Individualists Tending Toward Savagery (ITS), you say that they do not believe that a movement should be created dedicated to the elimination of the techno-industrial system and that their intention is to stop technological progress, but without the intention to or any hope of eliminating the system. From this, and also from the […]

The Problems with Ted Kaczynski’s Revolution

In “Industrial Society and Its Future” the primitivist Ted Kaczynski recommends a revolution against industrial society. This, he says, will not be a political revolution, an attempt to overthrow or replace a previously-existing political regime. Instead, it will attack the economic and technological basis of society, and, if the revolutionaries follow Kaczynski’s instructions, it will […]

Reprint: Primitivism without Catastrophe

Reprinted from Ritual Magazine. Every good idea needs a selling point. The selling point of the all-encompassing ideology that can go by any name from “anarcho-primitivism” to “anti-civilization thinking” is that modern techno-industrial civilization is destroying the human race, and if we want to stop this destruction, we have to destroy civilization. It’s a matter […]

Dialogue on Wildism and Eco-Extremism

[Read the Spanish translation.] 1      Introduction As was explained in the editorial for the sixth issue of Hunter/Gatherer, an interesting tendency is developing in Mexico that has had unsettling implications for me, other wildists, and those who have influenced us, like the indomitistas. Because this dialogue is utterly incomprehensible without background on this tendency and […]

Revisiting Revolution

Summary—Wildists, like their ideological forebears, have generally supported the notion of “revolution” as a response to their grievances. However, one series of groups referred to as “eco-extremists,” who came from the same ideological forebears as wildists, have challenged the “revolutionary approach” to rewilding. This article explains the revolutionary approach and why the eco-extremists are right. […]