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Misc. Letters To and From Ted Kaczynski

I. May 20, 2002 To answer your letter of March 25, in your writings on technology that you enclosed, I find some points that I respond to sympathetically, but for the most part I find your writing incomprehensible. No doubt this is largely due to my ignorance of religion and philosophy. However, there is one […]

Interview on Critical of Capital Podcast: Biocentrism, Leftism, Earth First!, and More…

I talked a little with the guys behind Critical of Capital podcast. We discussed the meaning of “leftism,” problems with biocentrism, the history of Earth First!, Ted Kaczynski, and a bunch of other interesting topics. Articles relevant to the discussion include: More Truths About Primitive Life The Truth About Primitive Life by Ted Kaczynski A […]

UNC Freedom Club Propaganda (2013-2014)

The following are propaganda pieces for UNC Freedom Club and FC Journal, an early version of The Wildernist. All of these were written shortly after high school and my first reading of Industrial Society and Its Future. Going through them gave me a good laugh. UNCFC Propaganda Uncle Ted Has a Posse – computer stickers in support […]