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The Problems with Ted Kaczynski’s Revolution

In “Industrial Society and Its Future” the primitivist Ted Kaczynski recommends a revolution against industrial society. This, he says, will not be a political revolution, an attempt to overthrow or replace a previously-existing political regime. Instead, it will attack the economic and technological basis of society, and, if the revolutionaries follow Kaczynski’s instructions, it will […]

Forget Ecomodernism—This Is Ecoreaction!

We once defined conservation. John Muir wrote of the beauty of the Wild and its “inexhaustible abundance,” not environmental justice or decoupling or de-extinction. And he wasn’t shy about blaming human civilization: “Living artificially in towns, we are sickly,” he wrote, “and never come to know ourselves.” Almost a century later, the sentiment held strong as […]


Editor’s Note: While many of the suggestions and predictions in this piece remain helpful, this article, as with most of issue 1.4, has been rejected by the majority of individuals belonging to Wild Will and should not be regarded as representative of the members’ views. For more representative writings, see the series “Foundations of Wildism.” Summary-Wildism is […]

Reprint: How Might Ecologists Make the World Safe for Biodiversity Without Getting Fired?

Editor’s Note: This is a reprint from the Bulletin of the British Ecological Society. We’ve decided to include it in Vol. 1, No. 3 of Hunter/Gatherer because it gives a small taste of Johns’ brilliant book on conservation strategy, A New Conservation Politics. Please buy it and read it if you are interested in the […]