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What Happened at Wild Roots, 4

Slowly Wild Roots came to feel more like home. The buildings and stations on the property were connected by a main trail system that curved around our stream, which we called Squeaky Frog. At the entrance was the Rat Shack, which hosted a library and annex where we kept all our snacks. When I arrived […]

What Happened at Wild Roots, 3

Wild Roots began about fifteen years back, when some burnt out activists, anarchists, and rewilders decided to take a break from politics and learn primitive skills. One woman in this founding group had a sister with a lot of money, from an inheritance or something, and the sister agreed to buy the land needed for […]

What Happened at Wild Roots, 1

Finding Wild Roots was a hell of an adventure, emphasis on both the hell and the adventure. The commune was tucked away in some secret corner along a dangerously winding mountain road, so the travel wasn’t like the interstate hitchhiking I was used to. At one point I got picked up by a truck driver who was […]

What Happened At Wild Roots

In 2017 I began my uncivilization project, hoping to explore the possibility of living a primitive life in the modern age as an alternative to revolution. The project, or at least the main goal, predictably failed, but during the course of it I explored a number of U.S. states and ended up on a primitivist […]

Notes concluding the uncivilization project

I. Introduction In the months since leaving Wild Roots, I have felt a powerful sense of defeat. Something about my vision for the Uncivilization project was fundamentally wrong or unachievable. But I couldn’t quite identify what that something was, and, as a result, my defeat fed itself, tempting me to close the Wild Will Project […]

What Wild Roots Was Like

Shortly after starting the uncivilization project, I found a primitive skills community in Western NC known as Wild Roots. Ironically, I found it because Facebook had detected I liked primitive skills, so showed me a National Geographic article about the place. I have spent the past six months there, and while my time living there is […]