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Ted Kaczynski’s Critique of Jared Diamond’s Collapse

This critique was originally published, in Spanish, in the internal bulletin of a network of anti-tech radicals with whom Kaczynski had correspondence. The following is the editorial comment on Kaczynski’s critique. Because the article was re-translated into English it may not reflect the original exactly. In this case, as is the case with any other […]

Introduction to the Indomitista Archive

In the late aughts Ted Kaczynski began corresponding with a radical environmentalist and animal rights activist from Spain. At the time, the man had published a handful of books known in the activist subculture as “zines,” the most important of which was a publication entitled Último Reducto (UR), “last stronghold,” a name he later adopted […]

Possible Letter to Earth First! Journal or Green Anarchist

What follows is a letter Ted Kaczynski intended to send to radical environmentalist publications but appears to have never done so. It is unclear whether it is published before or after his arrest, but since for a while he denied being the Unabomber even after his conviction, it is possible the letter was supposed to […]

In Defense of Violence

When I wrote to the New York Times offering to desist from terrorism if my manuscript were published, I promised that the manifesto would not explicitly advocate violence, because I assumed that the mainstream media would refuse to publish anything that did advocate for violence. For that reason, in Industrial Society and Its Future (ISIF), I […]

Unabomber’s Secret Treatise: Is There a Method to His Madness?

This analysis was initially published in The Nation by Kirkpatrick Sale, one of the leading figures of 90s anti-industrial environmentalism and a popularizer for the idea of bioregionalism. Read more about the Unabomber affair in “Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters.” The central point the Unabomber is trying to make — that “the industrial-technological system” in […]

Progress versus Wilderness (ca. 1979)

This essay should not be confused with another essay by Kazcynski, “Progress versus Liberty,” famous for being a key document the FBI used to identify Kaczynski as the Unabomber. This writer’s personal viewpoint is that “progress” (as the term is generally understood in modern society) is in the long run incompatible with wilderness preservation. However, […]

Letter: Ted Kaczynski to Tim LaPietra

As an undergraduate student Tim LaPietra published Ted Kaczynski’s essay “Ship of Fools.” The Wildernist interviewed LaPietra in 2016. For more on Ted Kaczynski’s concept of “leftism,” see also “The System’s Neatest Trick” and my own “A Critique of the Concept of ‘Leftism’.”  December 26, 2000 A few weeks ago we had cell rotation. (For security […]

Catastrophe Pending

What follows is the introduction to Jean-Marie Apostolides‘ edition of Industrial Society and Its Future, a.k.a. “The Unabomber Manifesto.” His work to popularize Kaczynski has been analogous to the work of David Skrbina in the U.S. What reason would there be to freely publish here what was already printed in September 1995 by the New York […]

The History and Impact of Earth First!

Genesis Many workmen Built a huge ball of masonry Upon a mountaintop Then they went to the valley below, And turned to behold their work. “It is grand,” they said; They loved the thing. Of a sudden, it moved: It came upon them swiftly; It crushed them all to blood. But some had opportunity to […]