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Reflections #7

The most important essay in this issue is “The Parable of the Magician.” Table of Contents Incivility My Progress Overcoming the Overpopulation Problem: A Sketch for Discussion The Real Paleoconservatives The Parable of the Magician

The Parable of the Magician

In Repent to the Primitive, p. 49, I write: Consider a parable. A magician, through a great feat of sorcery, creates a golem that provides everything he needs. The catch? The magician must continually offer the golem his blood. The golem, who wants to survive and carry out its purpose, develops techniques that encourage the […]

The Real Paleoconservatives

I The greens have been consumed by the progressive left, and have therefore been humanized. But how might we naturalize? How might we crack open the watermelons and reveal their red interior? II A man needs a fellowship, but in our fractured modern conditions we must create it. How can we create a group? It is not, of […]

Overcoming the Overpopulation Problem: A Sketch for Discussion

Preliminaries I Anarchist dogmatism. The contemporary anarchist line on overpopulation is a perfect example of how you shouldn’t think. They reject even dabbling in what might smell like fascism, what might smell like totalitarianism, what might seem dangerous or threatening to their pre-established ideals. It is what I faced, for example, when I spoke constantly of […]

My Progress

I write in “Introduction to the Reflections Bulletin” that I intend to put political solutions back on the table. I believe I have already successfully outlined the problem of civilization in general and industrial society in particular, at least in the ways where I have something new to offer. I have also clarified the difference between the […]


I’ve been getting a little bit exhausting lately with all the emotional weight I’ve been holding up. I know I have the capacity to be more vibrant than this — it’s how I was before I was forced to pay attention to all those deep down wounds that now, thankfully, are scabbed and healing. But […]