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Reflections #5

In this issue, pay special attention to “If You Were Following Me, You Haven’t Been Listening”: “Do you feel had? Are you angry? I was angry too. Haven’t you been listening?! I’ve been telling you the whole time!” Also pay attention to “Toward a Human Rewilding Method,” which includes some methods of restoring man’s dignity […]

You Can Call Me Jacobi

I I am much less concerned with looking arrogant than being arrogant. I have not done anything; the world has gifted me with I. Highest state of consciousness one of thanksgiving, affirmation, awe. Vanity, on the other hand, is a delicious sin. Make yourself an object of art, let your friends peer on you as […]

Resurrecting Dionysus

Note the typically religious man — a form of decadence? The great innovations are, one and all, morbid and epileptic; but are we not leaving out the religious man who is pagan? Is the pagan cult not a form of thanksgiving and affirmation of life? Must not its supreme representative itself be a defence and […]

Toward an Anti-Modern Metaphysics, or Epistemology

I To my knowledge all metaphysical systems that have held cultural weight are either dualistic or monistic. I count animist / polytheist systems among the monist metaphysics, since all (again, to my knowledge) eventually reduce to a supreme deity (e.g., The Great Spirit, Atman, etc.). On the latter point see Radin’s Primitive Man as Philosopher. […]

Toward a Human Rewilding Method

On a psychotherapeutic method I I am abandoning the term “psychotherapeutic technique” — human rewilding is the psychotherapeutic technique, and what a much prettier name! More, “psychotherapeutic technique” may give the erroneous impression that the means of making man well-suited to this world is engineering him properly (see “On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social […]


“Therefore, we put our hope in you, Adonai our God, to soon see the glory of your strength, to remove all idols from the Earth, and to completely cut off all false gods; to repair the world.” After crossing “the barrier” (III), one has the feeling of being reborn. It is a totally new phase […]