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Reflections #3

Preliminary Observations The uncivilization project is not done, after all. It has only just begun. Who are my true readers? Read closely — I’ve left secrets for you. 3 days. Table of Contents Misc. Notes on Misc. Notes Oh… Notes on Writing, Arrogance, Humility Unwritten On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social Life

On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social Life

I. So much tension released. I feel I’ve been punching a bag with weights on my hands this whole time, and now that they’ve been taken off I’m left standing amazed, a little horrified, feebly saying “Woah.” II. I feel a little bit had. The realization that I’ve been more than just my own experiment […]


I “Compared with the man who has tradition on his side and needs no reasons for his actions, the free spirit is always weak, especially in his actions. For he knows too many motives and standpoints, and is therefore uncertain, awkward. By what means, then, can he be made relatively strong, so that he can […]

Misc. Notes on Misc. Notes

I I fear that some of my readers will run too far with my idea of a viral “psychotherapeutic method” (“Misc. Notes,” IV). I can only reiterate what I’ve stated before (“On My Ignorance and Isolation“) — these are notes. I only make them public because of an inextricable dependence on an audience to sort […]