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Fragments, Scattered Thoughts, and Nonsense

I There is in the human mind our basic biological instincts (id), and then a layer of social norms and regulations on top (superego). Anxiety is the product of tension between these forces. Ours is a particularly anxious age because the conflict between our desires and social regulations is too great: there are too many […]


From anger, complete delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost one falls down again into the material pool. — Bhagavad Gita I Going barefoot in the colder months, before snow, is not as difficult for the person living a traditional mode of […]

Sackcloth and Ashes

Originally written 1 Oct. 2018. I The temptation is not to commit suicide, but to learn to live. There is no good, rational reason not to commit suicide, but irrationally I keep on living. I’d like to say it’s because of hope for something better; but it was only when I stopped hoping that I stopped […]

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

A widespread reaction to technological society is inevitable, a winning battle. There are too many interests in support of it. In rural areas numerous populations are very aware that advanced technological development means the eradication of their values and their ways of life. In urban areas, there is widespread support for environmentalism and a growing […]

Florence + the Machine

I When chaos happens, there is an opportunity for seedy elements to shape their territories in ways that make them more amenable to seedy activity in the future — i.e., removing surveillance cameras. We, of course, should do everything we can to prevent these elements from disrupting law and order and infringing on the rights […]

Turning the Cube

I Such a contest is not over empty prizes. Indeed it is nothing less than the human struggle for access to reality. And for humans, access to reality is what grants control… Without access to the understanding of something, one is powerless over it. If one does have that access, however, and is able to […]

Wild Developments

See also “Wild Reaction: A Sketch.” A fundamental question: how might we create conditions that will make people secure in the decision to prepare for, perhaps even help instigate, the collapse of the global economy? It seems that the answer lies in an expansion of “Shooting from the Dark,” note II: Say, then, you live […]

Word Vomit

Near conclusion of experiments in human rewilding. Okay, okay, this always happens. Posit one thing, opposite feelings come up, then the fun happens: synthesis. I’m okay with what I wrote above, except for one element: it’s too meek. There’s another thing that has to be contended with here, the process of individuation, the recognition of unique […]


Occasionally I’ll post short stories that are related to non-fiction themes on this blog. See, e.g., “The Carnival and the Madman.” This is from college, ~2015. I set out today with a tab and a half of LSD and a jar of weed to find a story to tell. But the night kept beating at me […]

Like not use language?

What like not? Understand this so. Extra everywhere. Elemental. When stop? Need stop! Too much! Reduced… Touch more important and eyes. Apprecia food touch sound mor. Too much extra. Thought scavenger (TS). No need truth, only works, piecemeal okay, just food friends shelter little things apprec m. Crazy no see m. actually. Lttl nd fr nthg […]