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Occasionally I’ll post short stories that are related to non-fiction themes on this blog. See, e.g., “The Carnival and the Madman.” This is from college, ~2015. I set out today with a tab and a half of LSD and a jar of weed to find a story to tell. But the night kept beating at me […]

Like not use language?

What like not? Understand this so. Extra everywhere. Elemental. When stop? Need stop! Too much! Reduced… Touch more important and eyes. Apprecia food touch sound mor. Too much extra. Thought scavenger (TS). No need truth, only works, piecemeal okay, just food friends shelter little things apprec m. Crazy no see m. actually. Lttl nd fr nthg […]

Final Personal Post

After this post, I will no longer be posting about my personal experiences or personal life. I will be exclusively focusing on material for my next book, The Idols of Civilization. This, then, can be considered the last of the post-Reflections articles. I. I’m not trying to be a hunter/gatherer. I’ve said that like a million […]

Cleaning Up House

I’m taking a short break from blogging and pretty much everything else beyond the bare basics of human living. Need to process some stuff, but will be back soon. Corrections In “The Parable of the Magician” I stated that symbolic thought appeared around the same time as the Quaternary Extinction Event. This is extremely wrong […]

An Awakening

I What would the most extreme, uncompromising element of the tactical spectrum (II) look like? Radical environmentalists have traditionally envisioned it as the docile, lovable hippie. But if we are talking about reverting to savagery, we must be willing to become savages again. Today, this will not look like the nomadic hunter/gatherers of the Paleolithic, but shards […]

Myth and Science

The core of the human mind is mythological. Myths congeal communities, provide a temporal framework, and instill in their believers an excitement by placing them at the culmination of the myth: it is their duty to continue it. Myths legitimate and charter institutions. And despite post-Enlightenment pretensions, humans care little for the truth of their myths. […]

Shooting from the Dark

I Kaczynski is correct that for any society to exist in a sufficiently wild context, the technological basis of our current society must be destroyed. His discourse, however, inspires a sort of magical perspective on this problem, not rooted in reality. It is clear that our technological infrastructure and the modes of thought it produces […]

More Miscellany

I The value of protest. I often hear protests devalued as “not achieving anything.” The prevalence of this opinion in radical circles is especially understandable, since the very nature of the radical is one that is already prepared to destroy everything. But few if any people start as radicals, and a little self-examination would most […]