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Frictionless Technologies: The Innovation of Human Obsolescence

A paper in the special track “Powerful Humans and More Powerful Technologies,” Biennial Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Technology May 20-22, 2019, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Read more of Dr. Drake’s writing at Download PDF Introduction Postindustrial humans stand today at a point in history at which appeals to efficiency, […]

Technology and Human Destiny

The following is from chapter 12 of Dr. David Skrbina’s book, The Metaphysics of Technology, republished here with permission. An expansion of these ideas will be printed in his forthcoming book, Sustainability Beyond Technology (2020). Humanity once held a privileged position on this Earth.  From the late Neolithic through the early agricultural period into the era […]

Regional Collapse, Regional Liberation

Or, “A Primitivist Theory of Combined and Uneven Development.” Source: Uncivilized Introduction The spread of capitalism and industrialism was predominantly a ‘Western’ phenomenon, which slowly disseminated among the world through trade, and colonial and imperial relations. The centers of industrial-economics, or the First World, outsources the process of primary industry — the extraction and collection […]

John Zerzan and Primitive Confusion

French communist group En Attendant’s critique of two key text by anarcho-primitivist John Zerzan. The publishers L’Insomniaque recently put out two collections of articles by J. Zerzan: “Futur Primitif”, in December 1998 (“Future Primitive” first published by Autonomedia, New York, and “Aux Sources de l’Alienation”, in October 1999 (“Elements of Refusal”, Left Bank Books, Seattle, […]

Climate Change on the Living Earth

The following is a transcript of a 2007 talk by James Lovelock to The Royal Society, “Climate Change on the Living Earth.” The transcript is courtesy of For Wild Nature.  We faced a stark choice now between a return to a natural life as a small band of hunter-gatherers or a much reduced high-tech civilization […]

Democracy or Dictatorship?

Democracy or dictatorship: A meaningless distinction If there was ever a meaningful distinction between authoritarian and democratic regimes, it no longer exists in the 21st century; or, at least, it has been lost in the shadow of modern technology. The concern over dictatorship There has been, over the past few years, much discussion in the […]

Intimate Places

Source Note: Those interested in this post might also check out: “A Special Place and How It Was Lost” by Gary Gripp “Transfiguration on Mount Shasta” by Pariah Sojourner “What Happened at Wild Roots” by John Jacobi There is a strong connection between our separation from the Earth and the harm we do to it. […]

History of the IRA

What follows is part of an honors thesis submitted by Ryan McCarthy to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Those interested in this article might also be interested in the first portion of his thesis on the effectiveness of terrorism.  The late 1960s in Ireland were a time of social and political turmoil. After […]