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Hunter/Gatherer 1.4

Table of Contents Review of Achievements and Our Next Phase All Who Fashion Idols Organization The Individual and His Relations The Technician Class Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.2

Table of Contents Download PDF Relations and the Moral Circle Refuting the Apartheid Alternative How Might Ecologists Make the World Safe for Biodiversity Without Getting Fired? The Meaning of Human Nature Review: Green Delusions by Martin Lewis Briefly Noted: Letters and Reviews

Hunter/Gatherer 1.1

Table of Contents Download PDF Introducing Hunter/Gatherer Our Strategy, 2016 The Foundations of Wildist Ethics The Fable of Managed Earth In Memory of Doug Tompkins Briefly Noted

The Wildernist #3

Table of Contents Editor’s Note The Singular Uniqueness of Tarsiers A Review of Dark Mountain #8 Our Decline in (Pre-)Historical Context Nature Needs Half Three Letters to the Editor Plant Family Patterns for the Neo-Botanist Introduction to Evolution Homo naledi and the Problems with the Homo Genus

The Wildernist #2

Table of Contents Download PDF Wildernism or Wildism? (Letter to the Editor) A World Without Bees The History of Bison in Southeastern North America The Skinny on the Endangered Species Act A Special Place and How It Was Lost A World of Lions The Ecological Effects of Roads Interview with Doug Peacock The Wildernist’s 2015 […]

The Wildernist #1

Table of Contents Download PDF Wildism: A Statement of Principles The Myth of Erk Interview with Dave Foreman On the Question of Technological Slavery Our Primal Future Leftism Tapirs: North America’s Forgotten Megafauna #OutsideEveryDay The Death and Rebirth of Glen Canyon The Revolutionary Importance of Science Prehistoric Art, Imagined and Real The Story Behind Our […]

The Wildernist #0

Table of Contents Download PDF The Tseringma Pilgrimage, 1971: An eco-philosophic ‘anti-expedition’ No More Monkey Mind In Defense of Plants Life, a continuation Technological Vertigo: A Review of Black Mirror Interview with IRL, anti-tech graffiti artist Scrublands: What Living Off-the-Grid in Europe Looks Like