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Hunter/Gatherer 2.1

Table of Contents I Cower at Scaffolds and Squirrels Review: What the Internet Looks Like Forget Ecomodernism — This is Ecoreaction! Interview with Dr. David Reilly

Hunter/Gatherer 1.9

Table of Contents Inanimate: On Materialism and Animism The Carnival and the Madman Paleoreaction in the Space Age Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.8

Table of Contents Conservation and Conservatism Do Conservation Rallies Really Work? Editorial Introduction to “Invasive” Invasive: Nature in the Anthropocene The Biological Basis of Morality Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.7

Table of Contents Primitivism Without Catastrophe What Is Progress? Primitivism and the Regressive Left Land Management Among Hunter/Gatherers The Nature/Artifice Distinction Review: The Perfect 46 Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.6

Table of Contents Some Context for Issue Six The Calusa: A Savage Kingdom? Dialogue on Wildism and Eco-Extremism Review: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How Alain de Botton’s Talk on Pessimism Revisiting Revolution Even in Arcadia

Hunter/Gatherer 1.5

Table of Contents Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters Whither Earth First!? Earth First!: A Founder’s Story

Hunter/Gatherer 1.4

Table of Contents Review of Achievements and Our Next Phase All Who Fashion Idols Organization The Individual and His Relations The Technician Class Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.3

Table of Contents Download PDF The Question of Revolution Misanthropy Ideology and Revisionism Technical Autonomy Briefly Noted: Letters and Reviews

Hunter/Gatherer 1.2

Table of Contents Download PDF Relations and the Moral Circle Refuting the Apartheid Alternative How Might Ecologists Make the World Safe for Biodiversity Without Getting Fired? The Meaning of Human Nature Review: Green Delusions by Martin Lewis Briefly Noted: Letters and Reviews

Hunter/Gatherer 1.1

Table of Contents Download PDF Introducing Hunter/Gatherer Our Strategy, 2016 The Foundations of Wildist Ethics The Fable of Managed Earth In Memory of Doug Tompkins Briefly Noted