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UNC Freedom Club Propaganda (2013-2014)

The following are propaganda pieces for UNC Freedom Club and FC Journal, an early version of The Wildernist. All of these were written shortly after high school and my first reading of Industrial Society and Its Future. Going through them gave me a good laugh. UNCFC Propaganda Uncle Ted Has a Posse – computer stickers in support […]

Review of Earlier Works and Their Merits

What follows is an annotated bibliography of all major ideological works I have produced since starting the Wild Will Project. One might note that earlier essays receive harsher comments than later essays. There is no reason to believe this will not continue to be the trend in the future, so keep up with the blog […]

A History of Two Magazines: The Wildernist and Hunter/Gatherer

I’ve included on this site the archived issues of two magazines I helped run from 2014-2017: The Wildernist and Hunter/Gatherer. The Wildernist Homeless after high school, I travelled to North Carolina to find anarchists that had made the news during the Occupy Wall Street movement. I found them, and I worked with them on several anti-prison and […]

Hunter/Gatherer 2.1

Table of Contents I Cower at Scaffolds and Squirrels Review: What the Internet Looks Like Forget Ecomodernism — This is Ecoreaction! Interview with Dr. David Reilly

Hunter/Gatherer 1.8

Table of Contents Conservation and Conservatism Do Conservation Rallies Really Work? Editorial Introduction to “Invasive” Invasive: Nature in the Anthropocene The Biological Basis of Morality Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.7

Table of Contents Primitivism Without Catastrophe What Is Progress? Primitivism and the Regressive Left Land Management Among Hunter/Gatherers The Nature/Artifice Distinction Review: The Perfect 46 Briefly Noted

Hunter/Gatherer 1.6

Table of Contents Some Context for Issue Six The Calusa: A Savage Kingdom? Dialogue on Wildism and Eco-Extremism Review: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How Alain de Botton’s Talk on Pessimism Revisiting Revolution Even in Arcadia

Hunter/Gatherer 1.5

Table of Contents Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters Whither Earth First!? Earth First!: A Founder’s Story See also: The History and Impact of Earth First