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Briefly Noted (30 Aug 2018)

Posts Wild Reaction: A Sketch Humanism and Civilization’s Moral Idols More chapters from Ecodefense From the Madhouse The Snakelet The Idea for Idols Birds on a Wire More on Human Rewilding Anthropological Man Sauntering More Miscellany Shooting from the Dark On the Web A Map of Wireless Passwords from Airports and Lounges Around the World […]

Announcements – 31 July 2018

Site Updates I published the final issue of the Reflections bulletin. Those who were subscribed will continue to receive announcements with a summary of any work posted on the blog that month. I’m currently publishing Earth First!‘s monkeywrenching manual, Ecodefense, on this site in HTML form. I’m working on consolidating my updated rewilding analyses and critiques from the Reflections […]