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Words of Wisdom and Folly

I Traditionally the primitivists have asked us to go backwards, but a smarter primitivism would implore us to go forward. II A friend of mine calls catchy songs “earbugs,” and would engage in what she called “situationist terrorism” by singing earbugs as she walked down the street. This would leave others with little choice but […]

Toward a Critique of Industrial Medicine

Introduction The medical industry is often counted as one of the great achievements of modernity. Certainly some medical technologies are amazingly effective, and a few are indispensible for modern man in modern conditions. Nevertheless, I do not think it is an overstatement to say that the medical industry has, on the whole, been a net […]

Who Is Jacobi?

Or, Shouldn’t I have predicted that by getting rid of everything, I would leave only myself to examine? I If I ever have disciples, I hope they are all named Judas. II Eyes, eyes! Everywhere eyes! Will they cripple me, or will they strengthen me? Will I view them as a curse, or will I […]

A Sermon on Arrogance versus Vanity

Man has always been shy about his tendency to be consumed with himself. Adam Smith writes, “Though it may be true…that every individual in his own breast, naturally prefers himself to all mankind, yet he dares not look mankind in the face, and avow that he acts according to this principle.” And Hume: “Vanity is […]

Carnival, Spectacle, and Earnestness

In the early 80s when Dave Foreman founded Earth First!, he emphasized the importance of humor. For example, near the mid-late 80s, when the group was coping with an enormous split in the membership, Foreman wrote in “Whither Earth First!?” that the group should have: A commitment to maintaining a sense of humor, and a […]

You Can Call Me Jacobi

I I am much less concerned with looking arrogant than being arrogant. I have not done anything; the world has gifted me with I. Highest state of consciousness one of thanksgiving, affirmation, awe. Vanity, on the other hand, is a delicious sin. Make yourself an object of art, let your friends peer on you as […]