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Misc. Letters To and From Ted Kaczynski

I. May 20, 2002 To answer your letter of March 25, in your writings on technology that you enclosed, I find some points that I respond to sympathetically, but for the most part I find your writing incomprehensible. No doubt this is largely due to my ignorance of religion and philosophy. However, there is one […]

Briefly Noted (2 Oct 2019)

This month I’ve added a few more pieces to the Ted Kaczynski Archive and the Indomitista Archive. The most notable are letters between Kaczynski and the radical environmental activist Derrick Jensen, who co-founded Deep Green Resistance and is the author of several best-selling books like Endgame, Culture of Make Believe, and Listening to the Land. I’ve also added […]

Henry Murray Psychological Study Transcripts

Much has been made of Ted Kaczynski’s involvement with Henry Murray’s psychological studies on Harvard undergraduates, mostly because the studies, and Murray’s work in general, have been linked to the CIA’s MKULTRA program. In his Atlantic article, “Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber,” Alston Chase writes: …from the fall of 1959 through the spring of […]

Briefly Noted (19 September 2019)

Once again most of the new posts are historical content related to the UNABOM case and radical environmentalist history. Some of it pertains to a group of followers of Kaczynski I’ve written about before, the indomitistas. The only original piece is a critique of the green anarchist text, Desert, which has become much more popular in […]

Introduction to the Indomitista Archive

In the late aughts Ted Kaczynski began corresponding with a radical environmentalist and animal rights activist from Spain. At the time, the man had published a handful of books known in the activist subculture as “zines,” the most important of which was a publication entitled Último Reducto (UR), “last stronghold,” a name he later adopted […]

Briefly Noted (6 Sept 2019)

Most of my work this month has been updating the Ted Kaczynski Archive. Upcoming material includes more additions to the Ted Kaczynski archive, a critique of the green anarchist text Desert, and some guest contributions on technological control, population, and globalization. Recent Posts Intimate Places by John Revington Catastrophe Pending by Annie LeBrun Letter: Ted Kaczynski […]

Manifesto Podcast on Ted Kaczynski, #PineTreeGang, McLuhan, and more…

Jake Hanrahan, the founder and host of Popular Front Podcast, conducted an interview with Manifesto Podcast on Ted Kaczynski’s “Industrial Society and Its Future.” I was featured on Popular Front a little earlier this year to talk about the eco-extremists in Mexico. Learn more about Kaczynski through my article “Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters” and […]

Briefly Noted (1 Aug 2019)

Recent Posts Primitivism and Demography — While demography involves some of the most controversial political issues, they are also some of the most important. But primitivism provides a unique insight to the issues by posing the question: more artificial management, or more natural management? The Primitivist Tradition — A rough text that outlines the bounds […]

Briefly Noted (18 June 2019)

Recent Posts Many of these posts deal specifically with political strategy. Reader input would be very much appreciated. If you have any ideas, comments, or questions, regarding the posts, feel free to contact us or put a response in the comment sections. With permission, we will publish letters on the blog. Ardea Homestead Sanctuary — […]