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Briefly Noted (1 Aug 2019)

Recent Posts Primitivism and Demography — While demography involves some of the most controversial political issues, they are also some of the most important. But primitivism provides a unique insight to the issues by posing the question: more artificial management, or more natural management? The Primitivist Tradition — A rough text that outlines the bounds […]

Briefly Noted (18 June 2019)

Recent Posts Many of these posts deal specifically with political strategy. Reader input would be very much appreciated. If you have any ideas, comments, or questions, regarding the posts, feel free to contact us or put a response in the comment sections. With permission, we will publish letters on the blog. Ardea Homestead Sanctuary — […]

“Children of Ted” discussed on Last Born in the Wilderness Podcast

The NY Mag article “Children of Ted” was discussed on an excellent podcast series, Last Born in the Wilderness. I recommend listening to other episodes, such as the discussion on “collapse management” or the problems with the Green New Deal. Listen on Soundcloud In this episode, I speak with journalist John H. Richardson. Former Writer at […]

Briefly Noted (1 June 2019)

Recent Posts Upcoming articles will discuss topics like: mass psychology, nihilism and the convergence of radical ideologies, world society and the anti-globalization movement. Primitivism and Science On the Web The Collapsing Crime Rates of the 90s Might Have Been Driven by Cellphones, The Atlantic “We’re Not Being Paranoid”: U.S. Warns of Spy Dangers of Chinese-Made Drones, NPR […]

Briefly Noted (1 May 2019)

Recent Posts Why Wild Nature?: A Short Rejoinder — An economic and ecological argument for wild nature provides a much stronger basis for political action than the moral, religious, and progressive ones. Does World Society Require a World Government? — Would love feedback on this article. Development of the concept of “world society” first introduced […]

Briefly Noted (11 April 2019)

Recent Posts More Truths About Primitive Life — An update to Kaczynski’s old essay “The Truth About Primitive Life,” focusing more on biology, psychology, and neuroscience than on anthropology. Interview on Critical of Capital Podcast — A discussion with a couple of anarchists about biocentrism, leftism, Ted Kaczynski, and more. Uncivilization 2.0 — Restarting the Uncivilization project a […]

Briefly Noted (26 Feb 2019)

Sorry for the lack of substantial articles this month. I’m working on a few big essays that should be finished in the coming months, so keep an eye out. Recent Posts Recent Site Downtime — The site went down recently because the domain name expired unexpectedly. If you like the content on this site, please consider […]

Reading List: Primitivist Theory

This list will be periodically updated. To receive notifications of these updates, subscribe to our monthly mailing list. For a reading list on political practice, see “Wild Reaction Reading List.” For an overview of the kinds of political practice associated with primitivism, see “The Primitivist Tradition.” Human Nature Human Ethology by Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt — A […]

Recent Site Downtime

Recently the site was down for a few days, because the domain name expired unexpectedly and I didn’t have access to the email the notification was sent to. As I write on this site’s donation page, I have worked on the site for several years now “often to the detriment of my conventional success.” If […]

Briefly Noted (27 Jan 2019)

Want to receive more frequent updates? Like the Wild Will Project on Facebook. Recent Posts Contemporary Applications of The Organizational Weapon — A major piece on political strategy Response to an Eco-Socialist Critique of Kaczynski Evolutionary Dead-Ends by X-Ray Mike from The Collapse of Industrial Civilization Critique of the Concept of Human Rewilding by Jonah Howell […]