Note on The Road to Revolution

This piece is a translation of a Spanish-language version, so may not represent the original English exactly.

A compilation of my writings has been published by Xenia Editions of Vevey, Switzerland; in English with the title The Road to Revolution, and in French with the title L’Effrondrement du Système Technologique.[2] The book also contains an epilogue (which appears as a prologue in the French version) by Dr. Patrick Barriot, as well as another epilogue written by Dr. David Skrbina.

The editor has presented this volume as “The Unabomber’s Work, Complete and Authorized,” but in reality it is neither complete nor authorized by me. The book is not a complete compilation, since it omits some of the writings I have published; for example, “Ship of Fools“[3], which is probably, after “Industrial Society and Its Future,”[4] the best known of my works. The book has been authorized by me in the sense that I agreed to its publication; but I did not authorize all its content. I did not authorize either the bibliography nor the epilogue of Dr. Barriot, and some parts of my own writings are printed with numerous errors in the book.

The original book was prepared by Dr. Barriot from my manuscripts. For several months Dr. Barriot sent me the drafts of my letters and essays typed by him so that I could correct them. His drafts had numerous errors, and I sent him several long lists of corrections. In a note dated February 27, 2008, Dr. Barriot assured me that he would “take into account” all my corrections, but after the publication of the book I was perplexed to discover that Dr. Barriot had simply ignored several of my lists of corrections and had sent the corresponding drafts to the editor as they were — full of errors. As a result, part of the published book is clouded by errors, some of which are serious enough to change the meaning of the text. At the end of this note a list appears with the most important errors.

The French version of the book is a translation made by Dr. Barriot. A friend of mine who knows French has been checking the translation, but for now he has only been able to review a small part of the book. Even so, he has found some significant errors (the most notable is the complete omission of paragraph 9 of “Industrial Society and Its Future”) so it is questionable that such a translation faithfully reflects my ideas.

I was completely unaware of the contents of Dr. Barriot’s epilogue before the book was published. When the book came to light I was stunned to see that one part of Dr. Barriot’s epilogue (the upper half of page 360) repeated the same leftist ideas that I have always strived to stay away from, and in another part I was linked to the “Red Brigades,” the “Red Army Faction,” the “Animal Liberation Front” and other left-wing groups that I disdain.

It is very inappropriate that both Dr. Skrbina’s epilogue and the bibliography that the editor added to the book cite the following works: Alston Chase, Harvard and the Unabomber; Alston Chase, A Mind for Murder; J. Douglas, Unabomber: On the Trail of America’s Most Wanted Serial Killer; R. Graysmith, Unabomber: Desire to Kill; J. Smolove et al., Mad Genius; Chris Waits and Dave Shors, Unabomber: The Secret Life of Ted Kaczynski. All these works are irresponsible and/or dishonest to various degrees. In particular, Waits and Shors’ book consists mostly of a cluster of cheeky lies.

The complete list of corrections to the edition of The Road to Revolution put out by Xenia would occupy more than twenty pages. However, these are some of the corrections that seem most important to me:

[List of corrections]

Ted Kaczynski

October 20, 2009


All notes were added by the translator, Último Reducto.

[1] [To the title:] Translation of “Note on The Road to Revolution.” Original in English. Translated by Último Reducto.

[2] The mentioned edition dates from 2008.

[3] There is an edition in Spanish: El Buque de Los NeciosLikiniano (no date).

[4] “Industrial Society and Its Future.” There is an edition in Spanish: Industrial Society and Its Future, Ediciones Isumatag, 2011.

[5] [To the corrections:] “Property,” in the sense of “possession,” in English.

[6] [To the corrections:] “Property,” in the sense of “quality of being socially or morally adequate or correct,” in English.

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