El Boletín (no. 3)

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The texts we have published for this issue explore new important elements of our worldview. One of the things to keep in mind to preserve and extend it is to adequately assess the threats which might lead to a crash sooner rather than later. The value of the wild is not an idea that jives well with the current progressive, idealist, or leftist values. However, these dominant ideological positions are capable of influencing and emasculating positions that respect the autonomy of the wild. In the article “Whither Earth First!?,” we return to the case of Earth First! and its ideology. In “Romanticizing  Primitivists,” attention is once again drawn to the fact that that primitivists are inclined to idealize primitive societies.

With Último Reducto’s translation of “The System’s Neatest Trick,” we clarify our insistence on the rejection of leftism. This is perhaps Kaczynski’s best article explaining the functions that leftism plays in today’s society. Our rejection is not only due to ideological issues, but also for clear practical reasons. Leftism’s function is to improve the system, or, at least, to make its members believe they are changing society in a beneficial way. Without a doubt, a good deception.

We appreciate the financial contributions we have received. Until the next issue or before if you want. Greetings.

Table of Contents

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  1. Whither Earth First? by Dave Foreman(p. 4)
  2. Romanticizing Primitivists by Harold Barclay (p. 22)
  3. The System’s Neatest Trick by Ted Kaczynski (p. 26)
  4. Review of Adaptación del Comportamiento (p. 47)
  5. Letter from P. (p. 50)

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