El Boletín (no. 1)

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For the past few years, a small group of individuals has discussed and exchanged information about themes related to wild nature, criticism of techno-industrial society, and criticism of leftism. This group has been born very slowly but today has formed into a network of people all over the world. However, we now see it necessary to consolidate the network, joined by common principles with respect to the wild and its real rejection of technological society. To this end, we believe that this bulletin, dedicated to exchanging information relevant to a non-leftist critique of techno-industrial society, could be helpful.

The purposes of this bulletin are to provide useful information for the critique mentioned above and to discuss and consolidate the ideas of this critique. To approach these objectives, we are publishing articles on diverse topics (anthropology, ecology, prehistory, earth science, etc. with introductions that explain the importance of the article, its points of interest, and its debatable or incorrect points), writings or letters from the readers, extracts of books, reviews, etc. The fact that we publish these texts does not necessarily mean that we agree with them completely nor that we endorse the perspectives or positions of the authors. We simply publish them because some of the arguments expressed are true or include information that should be known by revolutionaries against techno-industrial society.

Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction (pp. 2-3, see above)
  2. A Commentary on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico (pp. 5-6) — by Ted Kaczynski
  3. Fragment from a Letter to David Skrbina (pp. 7-11) — by Ted Kaczynski
  4. Intimate Places (pp. 12-25)
  5. Did Humans Cause the Ecosystems of Ancient Australia to Collapse? (pp. 26-27)
  6. [Review:] The Return of Nature (pp. 28-32)
  7. Critique of the Book Collapse by Jared Diamond (pp. 33-37) — by Ted Kaczynski
  8. [Review:] The World Without Us (pp. 38-39)

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