Note by Último Reducto about his ideological evolution and the present-day validity of his texts


Último Reducto has been sporadically publishing texts with this name since 1996. In all these years an evolution on his ideas has taken place, an ideological refinement of his stances being carried out in the process.

The initial ideas of Último Reducto (like those that expressed, for example, in the publication Último Reducto n° 0, 1996), despite already targeting some of its current fundamental values, were highly contaminated by left-leaning ideological influences; especially by some versions of anarchism and by the so-called “animal liberation” movement. After questioning the validity of animal liberationist stances (based, generally, on the sacredness of individual life and/or on the absolute rejection of pain), discovering its deep incompatibility with the defence of freedom and the wild, and starting to develop an explicit and general rejection of leftism,[2] Último Reducto entered into a stage that we could call “anti-domination” (an example of this would be Último Reducto n° 1, 2002). This transition stage was marked by: remaining heavily influenced by leftist and humanist ideas and attitudes coming from an anarchism to which Último Reducto still showed a certain affinity and respect; by the idea of freedom of nonhuman animals keeping an excessive presence in his discourse; by presenting already in a clear and explicit way an outright and complete rejection of the technoindustrial system; by giving practical coherence a strategic importance that it actually lacks; and by thinking that reason and will can exert or could come to exert an influence much larger than what they actually can or use to exercise on human behaviour (both individually and collectively). A typical feature of this stage is the practical omnipresence of the notion of “Domination” in Último Reducto’s rhetoric,[2] which gives name to this stage. Último Reducto’s concept of “Domination” was defined negatively in relation to the fundamental value of the autonomy of the wild: “Domination” was a name for all that that outraged this autonomy. In this stage, Último Reducto already expressed in a clear way his fundamental values: autonomy of wild Nature, rejection of technoindustrial society (and of civilization in general) and rejection of leftism. During this stage, Último Reducto was developing his basic ideas in more detail and leaving aside stances, ways of doing and values alien to them that came from humanist ideological contaminations in general and leftist ones in particular. All that until reaching a stage (of which Izquierdismo: función de la pseudocrítica y la pseudorrevolución en la socieda tecnoindustrial and Con Amigos Como Éstos… — 2007 and 2009 respectively — are the first examples), which extends until the present, in which Último Reducto’s discourse reflects already more theoretical maturity, coherence and strength.

The reason for this notice about Último Reducto’s ideological evolution is to serve as a clarification of the possible theoretical contradictions and incompatibilities that the readers of Último Reducto’s work could find when comparing contents from different stages. In such cases, the readers should always remember the following rule: in case of incompatibilities between what is said by Último Reducto in his various works, it is most likely that the stance expressed in the most recent work is the one that Último Reducto currently defends (or at least the one that’s closest to it).

Último Reducto now identifies fully only with his works from the last stage. Nevertheless, given that it’s impossible to prevent independent diffusion of his previous works from happening, it would at least be desirable for the readers to know and take into account all that has been said above.


[1] This happened, to a great extent, because of the theoretical nonsense and exaggerations and/or the logical incompetence and irrationality of animal defenders, and thanks to the inestimable intellectual lucidity of Ted Kaczynski, respectively, plus the annoyance and suspicion that Último Reducto has always felt naturally towards many of the leftist and counter-cultural ideas and attitudes.

[2] Maybe this term was not very appropriate, because it is conventionally loaded with connotations typical of leftism currents which actually had nothing to do with the stances of Último Reducto; this is the main reason why currently Último Reducto virtually never uses this term to refer to any outrage against the autonomy of the non-artificial.

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