Note about some self-proclaimed exegetes of the ideas of Último Reducto


The texts UR refers to include “Preface to Repent to the Primitive” and “Apostles and Heretics.”

In the last few years there have been appearing on the Internet some writings in English about Último Reducto (UR), and they are neither written nor authorized by UR. These texts are full of inaccuracies, of misinterpretations, and even of sheer distortions and inventions, and thus, they are not a reliable source for knowing about UR’s ideas or trajectory. Hence, it is necessary to ask intelligent readers not to take these texts as a serious and reliable reference for being informed about UR and his ideas. The only acceptable sources would be the texts in Spanish signed by UR.

The above applies also to some English translations of some of the texts written by UR, that also have appeared on the Internet. The only reliable translations of texts written by UR would be those available in UR’s blog.

If somebody has any doubt, the most sensible and normal way of acting would be to ask about it directly to UR, rather than giving credence to the fool fantasies and misunderstandings of some egotistic, arrivistic, unbalanced idiots.

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