Interview on Popular Front Podcast: The New Wave of Eco-Terrorism

I was featured on Popular Front podcast by the journalist Jake Hanrahan. For more on the topics discussed in the podcast, see the following links:



  • Hoot says:

    Kaczynski’s work boils down to strategy. Hit where it hurts. Most of that chapter was omitted from Technological Slavery-the actual book. Jacobi looks to provide it on this site however. My thought is “Hit Where It Hurts” should be a book in itself.
    ITS’s work boils down to reacting and not waiting.
    Both efforts involve a release of anger at the destruction of mother earth and human dignity. Both efforts involve realistic actions to reduce or eliminate the ride to hell that the scientists, technophiles,biologists, politicians, are taking us all on. Neither effort is right or wrong until the goal is reached. Either effort could reach the goal.
    If someone hated malls, would they lash out and just bash a car in the lot and then run ? Would they bash a ford focus ? Or would they bash a mercedes CLS ?
    Or, would they wait until the weather forecast predicted a 30″ snowfall, and then cripple the 5 loaders/plow rigs out behind the mall, on the night before the storm ?

  • Hoot says:

    I remembered this from the Intelligencer article on Jacobi. A quote by Ted in the article: “A hypothesis: ITS is instigated by some country’s security services — probably Mexico. Their real task is to spread hopelessness, because where there is no hope there is no serious resistance.”
    Could you elaborate on this, John ?

    • The Wild Will Project says:

      Hey Hoot. Kaczynski, perhaps just off-handedly, has suggested that ITS is encouraged by the government in some way to delegitimize the anti-tech movement. I don’t entirely dismiss this hypothesis. It’s not like they would be creating groups or whatever. But consider that ITS “vets” communiques — they don’t. One can imagine someone just writing up a random communique with any old shit in it, sending it to them, and having it published, all in order to introduce dumb-sounding discourse into the whole ITS “brand.” That’s feasible, it’s quite like what law enforcement agencies have done historically.

      That said, I think it’s best just to keep going with your own positions and admit that resistance, especially the radical kind, is a messy affair, and involves uncontrollable, seedy elements / aspects. You think the communists liked every personality or statement involved in their underground? Nah.

      Here’s Kaczynski’s statement on ITS, an excerpt from a letter:

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