• Brilliant interview.
    It’s great you are spreading the message that needs to be spoken and thought about.
    This insane culture is losing its battle as energy constraints overwhelm it and any kicks to bring about its demise quicker can only be welcomed.

  • Ari Paul says:

    This interviewer is an idiot. Kaczynski was not a Ph.D. in computer science, he had a Ph.D. in mathematics. And he was not a “murderous psychopath.” He was a politically motivated terrorist. Murder is unjustified killing. The people Kaczynski killed were criminals who were pushing radical unpredictable and uncontrollable technological growth or else were shills of propaganda machines or involved with the destruction of wilderness. The people Kaczynski killed were some of the worst criminals who have ever lived because the world they are working to create will become, and is becoming, one of the worst hells imaginable.

  • Hoot says:

    The instruments of technological society are un-natural and un-necessary for human survival. The only ones that will have “blood on their hands” are the ones that created and accepted life and death dependence to these instruments.

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