Brief Comments

My posts have been all over the place recently, so I just want to reiterate a couple of things to center my readers:

(1) The central concern of the politic is autonomy. That is, the problem with technological society is the way it creates man-made environments that mediate our relationship with the world around us. This in turn makes those who inhabit the technological environment completely dependent on the decisions of those who control it. The object of my research and writing is to figure out ways to critique this state of affairs and devise ways to get out of the conundrum. See Repent to the Primitive, p. 114-115.

(2) On the large-scale, concerning the whole culture, I cannot see any adequate change happening without economic decline and eventual collapse of our global society. This means reversion to small-scale social groups, and will probably only happen through a series of disasters (for the global economy, not necessarily for the involved people). These disasters are happening now and will only continue to happen. See Repent to the Primitive, pp. 33-38.

(3) As far as immediate steps are concerned, the best responses are those centered around land: land ownership, land preservation, and land restoration. The Wildlands Network is a great example of big thinking around land restoration. And without access to land, human rewilding cannot be complete, because the environment is so strong a determining factor in what human beings become. See “Taking Rewilding Seriously.” Those without consistent access to land may be able to make progress in some ways through a nomadic lifestyle, like those of the American traveler subcultures. See “Cough.” I strongly believe that these three elements can be connected through a rewilding program centered primarily on land preservation and restoration.

(4) Finally, as always, I want to remind readers that posts are only provisional thoughts, and are supposed to be a place for the outlandish. Only my books should be considered landmarks on my beliefs.

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