What Happened At Wild Roots

I started this post intending to give an overview of my experience at Wild Roots, more in-depth than my previous post. But I quickly realize that my time at the commune alone could easily make a novel, and involves too many themes I’d want to rant on for me to regard an “overview” as a sufficient account.

Instead of putting the story in a single blog post, then, I’ll give you an index of some of the main events and themes below, and add links to each item as I write my experiences down.


See also, “What Wild Roots Was Like” and “Notes Concluding the Uncivilization Project.”

  1. Accidentally crossing over into TN — arrival — first dinner
  2. Splitting black locust with C. — fixing trails — two weeks of isolation
  3. Tod and Tod’s truck — history of Wild Roots — “Mother Dumpster”
  4. Arrival of the crew — learning skills — the empty space
  5. The visitors — the Netherlands couple
  6. Family of 12 brothers
  7. Tod and D. — commune relationships
  8. Dark history of Wild Roots? — the meaning of W. — Mace
  9. Hippies at the bar, hippies in the streets — Santa Claus dumpster diver — street culture in Asheville
  10. Fall tasks — apples — gatherings — chestnuts
  11. Bear
  12. Increasing tension — journalist — mugwort dream — streets of Asheville — the meaning of my aggressive goodbye

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