Announcements – 31 July 2018

Site Updates

  • I published the final issue of the Reflections bulletin. Those who were subscribed will continue to receive announcements with a summary of any work posted on the blog that month.
  • I’m currently publishing Earth First!‘s monkeywrenching manual, Ecodefense, on this site in HTML form.
  • I’m working on consolidating my updated rewilding analyses and critiques from the Reflections bulletin, per the mission stated in “My Progress.” The book will be entitled The Idols of Civilization. “The idols of civilization are those things that threaten to degrade man’s full capacities, to make him a dullard, comfortable, instrumental, a cog. This includes of course technological optimism, the comfort of machines, but so too does it include moralities of comfort, like socialism, humanism, and consumerism. It also includes false hopes that divert man from recognizing civilization as his enemy — the faith in messiahs, apocalypse, and escape.”

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