Reflections #5

In this issue, pay special attention to “If You Were Following Me, You Haven’t Been Listening”: “Do you feel had? Are you angry? I was angry too. Haven’t you been listening?! I’ve been telling you the whole time!”

Also pay attention to “Toward a Human Rewilding Method,” which includes some methods of restoring man’s dignity based in scientific knowledge of nature. Many of the methods Wild Roots used were, I learned, rooted in ecopsychology and wilderness therapy programs already in existence, so you might want to research these.

Table of Contents

  1. Corrections
  2. Toward a Human Rewilding Method
  3. Toward and Anti-Modern Metaphysics, or Epistemology
  4. Resurrecting Dionysus
  5. You Can Call Me Jacobi
  6. If You Were Following Me, You Haven’t Been Listening

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