If You Were Following Me, You Haven’t Been Listening

Do you feel had? Are you angry? I was angry too. Haven’t you been listening?! I’ve been telling you the whole time! “Commune with nature, the animals, your own body at every possible moment. Eschew all else; you can trust none of it.” “Do not take what I say uncritically.” “Do not be a consumer of a screen-delivered burst of dopamine, make up your mind to become a wild will.” What more should I have said?

This is the way the world is! Everything is a joke, everything is a means of manipulation. This is precisely why we must destroy everything with a laugh.

Santa Claus isn’t real, folks. This is the only world have! Let’s save some of it.

Who can forgive and affirm on the cross? Who can embrace the uncertain nature of reality? Who among you are the strong nihilists?

Now hear again what I have said, and this time listen: “Notes on Writing, Arrogance, Humility,” note III; “Toward an Antimodern Metaphysics, or Epistemology“; “On My Great Wisdom and Abundant Social Life,” note II; “Notes on a Psychotherapeutic Method,” notes I-II; “Meditation Notes 2,” note XII; “Meditation Nnotes 3,” note II, V, VII; and, especially, the opening quote in “Back to Isolation.”

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