A Response to My Humanist Critics


How surprised are those of you who compared me to Christ to find me more like an antichrist.


Violence, rooted and unrooted. Before my bond to the Wild Roots community was fractured, my time at the place gave me a feeling of at-homeness that I had only ever felt before in my university town. The Appalachian trees, the crawdads, the chestnuts, the stream — God, that stream! If it were ever polluted, I thought, by some factory, I would… I would what?

There is, I believe, a distinct difference between the violence of a sick man and the violence of a healthy man. The sick man, unrooted, lashes out from his own internal angst. The violence is frenetic, based, often the instrument of another’s power. But the strong man commits violence when he has decided he values something, and is willing to sacrifice himself for it as a gift, a blood offering. He commits violence to conserve his fellowship, his land, his home, his ownness and fullness. He is exacting and refined.


Weakness is a psychological and social state before it is a material one. Some of the sickest men I know are also the strongest. And do not think I have no sympathy for the disabled. You pathetic humanist critics! No one needs your pity! You think because a man is cripple he needs the whole of modern industry to coddle him? Don’t you have eyes? Don’t you see the crippled and sick in traditional communities, too? I spit on your pity. We are the species that built the pyramids and erected the stonehedge; we can find a way to care for our downtrodden once they have proven themselves our downtrodden.


I have no sympathy for racism or even racial solidarity. Only a fool would limit his possibilities for companionship to his own race. Strength of character can come from any race and any people. Do not poor black Americans show admirable and noble qualities when they pull themselves from the wretched conditions slavery and industry have left them in? Do not Mexican families show great courage when they fight the whole force of a state, crossing a desert to protect and provide for their own? Have the Jewish people not shown stamina to have survived through centuries of persecution, and the same with the gypsies?

You humanists, again with your pity! You find every opportunity to tempt the downtrodden with the idols of civilization, promising their integration and development only to put them into the wretched state of malaise and purposeless striving afflicting the West today. You ask for black astronauts and gay CEOs, never questioning whether there should be astronauts and CEOs. The so-called “downtrodden” do not need to be developed! They need the institutions you are so loyal to destroyed, so that still more wealth and resources are not extracted from their land. They do not need Western manners — civility — they need to be left alone to form a culture around the demands of their own people, their own land, their own children.


There is no “gender,” only sex, and it determines many qualities of our character. It imposes limits on who we are, but imposes no injunction on us for the sexual behaviors we engage in, or the sexual roles we play, in relation to a partner or even a whole community. The anthropological record shows both diversity and common patterns in all the human communities. But I do not worry too much on this point. The human person will always dance the dance of spring with tension, with push and pull, and, sometimes, if we’re lucky, in orgy.

I myself will keep holding in my breast a dream of a harem of twinks.

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