You Can Call Me Jacobi


I am much less concerned with looking arrogant than being arrogant. I have not done anything; the world has gifted me with I. Highest state of consciousness one of thanksgiving, affirmation, awe.

Vanity, on the other hand, is a delicious sin. Make yourself an object of art, let your friends peer on you as a clay pot on a museum pedestal. It will better motivate you to cultivate your virtues and vices.


“I am that I am.” Lo, the strength of the Old Testament God! We ask him for his name and he laughs at us, bellowing out wordgames in ease. Soon we will see a whole generation of Yahwehs, whose cavalier strength reshapes the world without any effort of will. An army of Paul Bunyans who need do nothing else but drag an axe over their shoulder to carve out space for the Mississippi.


The South: where else should a reaction against the last vestiges of the old christian order come?


Do not be afraid of cruelty. Dole it out with wisdom, but leap at the chance to strengthen men with their suffering. Crucify christ perpetually, knowing that you can bring to resurrection those who embrace nihilism with strength, releasing their illusion of control, but forgiving, affirming on the cross.


America the government ought to be scorned: a peddler of false, humanist virtues; an instrument of world technological progress; a villain extracting wealth from its most rooted peoples.

America the land — there is something to be prideful of.


I burn my journals every year so that I do not have too much to carry. I blog so the same effect might be achieved when we baptize the world in fire.


Be quicker to conceal what you have read than to profess to have read a book your eyes have never glanced at.


Everything is decay. Nature, assuring us of our strength, gives us a thermodynamic world to work against. It is our task to insulate ourselves from these effects to our ability. Everywhere the world is working to rewild you, giving you small tasks — cleaning your home, repairing your body — and instilling great hardship on you to conquer. Live up to these tasks with joy, knowing you will come out the other side one step closer to our pagan God.


My true readers — do you hear me? Do you see how I have risen again? I have become myself! Let us now undo what the Christian priests have done. Let us become reverse exorcists.

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