A Provisional Synthesis


Two great knowledge-systems rule the contemporary world: the morality of humanism and the metaphysics of science. Both are struggling to fight the decaying force of nihilism, toward which all knowledge systems are converging. But their struggle is helpless: soon we will hurl both into the black abyss.


Humanism and science exist to bind us to the ongoing, nefarious project of world society. The UN, the EU, NGOs, universities, and states all over are trying to join the world into one, uprooting traditional communities and modes of life, and isolating the individual, who, valueless and horrified at the vacancy, is left with no choice but to cleave to the new institutions.


But the spectre of nihilism grows. All ideologies are being emptied of their meaning, leaving the free spirit, the wild will who cannot accept the dominant institutions, with a project of pure negation, a total rejection of civilization. Standing above ideologies, he can harness them; free from fundamentalism, he can bend it to his will, in all its incarnations.


Although everything is contingent, there is no solid ground, it is clear that anyone who wishes to live at all must take into account what we call today the material world, or nature: our biologies and the social, sexual, and nutritional needs they breed; our geography; our technological context… How might we use this scientific dogma, seemingly so powerful, against itself? Marx and the cultural ecologists laid the foundations for us, revealing that the technological basis of a society props the whole thing up; pull the technological rug from under its feet, and it collapses. Similarly, the human ecologists demonstrated that man has been degraded from his natural condition. But with work, we can restore his health, firm his mind, and make him a dignified animal again. The two tasks — social and individual — are inseparable. Man needs land to fully rewild his nature, and he must become as strong as possible in the meantime to prepare for the protracted battle that has already begun: the battle of civilization.

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