Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How by Ted Kaczynski

A little while back, I received a book from the publisher of Kaczynski’s second book (see below). It requested that I do not put the contents of Kaczynski’s new book on my website, with the vague implication of legal action. It was probably sent at Kaczynski’s request.


Fortunately some people have already put PDFs of the book online. Here is a list of places to find the book:

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter One: The Development of Society Can Never Be Subject to Rational Human Control
  2. Chapter Two: Why the Technological System Will Destroy Itself
  3. Chapter Three: How to Transform a Society: Errors to Avoid
  4. Chapter Four: Strategic Guidelines for an Anti-Tech Movement
  5. Appendix One: In Support of Chapter One
  6. Appendix Two: In Support of Chapter Two
  7. Appendix Three: Stay on Target [excerpted from Kaczynski’s interview with the John Jay Sentinel]
  8. Appendix Four: The Long-Term Outcome of Geo-Engineering
  9. List of Works Cited

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