Site Updates and Possible Closure

Hello readers,

I’ve updated the site’s SSL certificate, which has been giving many of you security warnings. I have also fixed all the links in The Wildernist / Hunter Gatherer Archives. Sorry these updates took so long.

Also, I have not given up on my goal to be able to survive in the wilderness, but I have to end the uncivilization project as it was initially conceived. Ultimately I have to admit that I made a few poor life decisions and now need to get my life back together. I will not be updating the site with new content for a while, and after this year’s hosting plan is done I may delete the site. You can grab an archive of it at my personal website if you would like to keep the content for personal use. Stop by in a few months or subscribe to the newsletter if you would¬†like information on my final decision. And as always, feel free to email me.

John Jacobi

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