Truth vs. Lies by Ted Kaczynski

Below are PDFs of parts one and two of Ted Kaczynski’s unpublished book, Truth vs. Lies. The book was an attempt by Kaczynski to set the record straight regarding his personal life, which was inaccurately reported by many outlets around the time of his arrest and imprisonment (ca. 1995). For more information on the book, see the New York Times article, “In Book, Unabomber Pleads His Case.”


  • Tom Neale says:

    Hi John, just discovered you on the reddit anarchist thread. I have read into your articles for a few hours and i am very happy to have all of them to read in the future, what a treasure your website is. I can identify myself with so much you have written and cited that i simply could not resist to write you a comment. You are doing great work. Best greetings from a german student in the netherlands!

  • Mintberry says:

    Hi Jacobi, I’ve been struggling finding this biography in France.

    Many thanks! Are those pdf the whole Book? If not, do you know à way tout get it?

    In advance, thanks

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