A letter to civilization

Dear civilization,

I was born on this planet but did not choose so. Yet I love to be here but your services keep stealing my freedom.
That I was born on this planet does not mean I have to conform to your needs.
That I use your roads does not mean I want to use them.
That I use your sewage system does not mean I want to use them.
That I use your electricity does not mean I want to use elecitricty.
That I use your dumpsters does not mean I want to use your dumpsters.
That I walk around in one of your countries does not make me its citizen.
That I use any of your services ran by servants you took through indroctrination does not obligate me to follow  your rules and regulations and to have your values.
We, Wild Wills, just have to use it because you are taking away our homes, that provides us with all we really need. You destroyed our home and replaced it with concrete structures and roads. You keep takings that do not belong to you and replace it with your things and then force us to be part of it.
We kindly, this time, ask you to return what was once ours so we can return…so we can return home.

With kind regards,


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