Even in Arcadia

You are not so smart
as to change the world
without consequence
you did not want.

I know
this feels like a crack
against your skull,
an insult
to the temple of arrogance you’ve
built in your heart,

but I am
here to mock you and
destroy the false temple.
I am here
to answer the prayers of
those content with me, and
to set fire to the work of
those who abhor me.

All that you intend
to do invariably comes with
what you did not,
which leaves you only to
place your bets
in a world you cannot ever
fully understand.

So if you are to understand
anything, let it be that
the most evil acts began with
promises of goodness.
But of course I
cannot rely on you to
keep this in mind.
Of course you
trust your own covenants
over my own. But I am,
and my covenant will be fulfilled
as surely as the oceans stroke the sand,
as surely as the tide rises in the evening and morning,
as surely as the rocks crumble and are built up,
while you carry on
building your tower of Babel.

When it falls, those content
will sing my covenant loudly and
strike the stones and
fashion the stones into hammers and
crush the stones against the
skulls of those who dared to think
they knew better. They will sing:

I am wild nature, powerful and cruel;
your work will never compare to mine.
Remember this, for if you forget,
those who love me will be filled with
the rage of a rolling thunder
and you will be filled with regret.

Your blood will quench the thirst of the dying trees;
your skull and bones will fertilize the barren soil.
your spirit will feel the trample of the dancing feet
of those who did not forget that they, too, will one day die.

I am wild nature, powerful and cruel;
Remember, and do not forget.

So abandon your
towers, abandon your
quest to escape me.
Let your rough animal body
be what it is, and do not try to cover
its imperfections. I gave
you all you need. If you were
still for moment,
you would know that even
the parts you hate are

You can build arcadia,
fortify it with stones and good intentions
but even there, I will be.

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