Birds on a Wire

I Perhaps one day I’ll be powerful enough to afford to love strongly something that cannot defend itself. But as it stands I have to accept that I cannot, and if I try, evil men around me will use my love for the helpless creature against me, to pull me and push me around, to […]

The Idea for Idols

As it stands, the purpose of The Idols of Civilization is to hypothesize on the nature of the wild will‘s psychology. The basic idea is that civilization has created an amalgam of psychological neuroses, fixations, etc. that keep it running and functional. This is done through a “civilizing process,” where human nature is cultivated through cultural […]

Reading List 3

The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff The works of Alice Miller (e.g., The Drama of the Gifted Child, Thou Shalt Not Be Aware, etc.) In Defense of Childhood: Protecting Kid’s Inner Wildness, Chris Mercogliano Green Psychology: Transforming Our Relationship to the Earth, Ralph Metzner The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood, Edith Cobb Works on environmental psychology

From the Madhouse

I We want superhumans, not superstates. What is the psychology of the superhuman? What is the psychology of the wild will? He will destroy every idol — the nation, the state, humanity, progress, moral obligations — but do you think the prophets of Ba’al would smash their statues to bits if they first did not […]

Survey Stakes (Ecodefense)

The following is part of a series of posts converting to html the monkeywrenching tactics in Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching(3rd edition). See also the PDF of the book. “Always pull up survey stakes!” This was Ed Abbey’s advice to all outdoor visitors. It seems a great many people are following his advice. Wherever the machine has been […]

Plastic and Wood Pulp: The Monkeywrencher’s Dream? (Ecodefense)

The following is part of a series of posts converting to html the monkeywrenching tactics in Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching (3rd edition). See also the PDF of the book. Remember that scene from the film The Graduate, in which the corporate executive tells Dustin Hoffman where the future lies? “I have just one word for you. Plastics.” Well, that […]

Humanism and Civilization’s Moral Idols

The following is a condensed summary of my thoughts on humanism and nihilism. It pulls sections from essays, notes, etc. that regular readers may have already come across, and I apologize for the repetitiveness. Consider it a necessary consolidation phase before The Idols of Progress. Background I In Repent to the Primitive I explain that human […]

Wild Reaction: A Sketch

The last article I wrote on strategic thinking was years ago, entitled “Organization“; and, before that, “The Question of Revolution.” Both need to be updated, so here I will give a sketch of my strategic thinking as it stands today. Think of this as a preview of From Conservation to Reaction. See also “Notes on Revolution, […]

Rock Spikes (Ecodefense)

Rock Spikes Hard Rock vs. Heavy Metal: Quartz Tree Pins Certain types of rock could well be the ideal type of anti-sawblade “pin” for planting in condemned trees. As with other types of monkeywrenching, proper materials and technique are essential. Equipment Begin by obtaining copies of lapidary. magazines at a quality newsstand. Among these are Gems […]

Ceramic Spikes (Ecodefense)

Ceramic Spikes Foiling the Detectors: Non-Metallic Tree Spikes Clay bodies can be stiffened and made even more durable by the addition of “grog,” a gritty, sand-like material usually made of a high-fired refractory material (ground stoneware) or simply a pure quartz sand. Purchase this from a clay supplier, and specify an 80 or coarser screening. […]