There Is No Hamburger Tree

Source “Nature is like a banquet,” many of us have heard. “One has only to learn how to eat it.” I beg to differ. Nature is NOT like a banquet. It’s not like a supermarket, either; it’s not even like a well-spaced produce stand with most of the stalls hidden in the bushes. At a […]

Getting Started with Plant Identification: Report from a Beginner

For the past several weeks I’ve been immersing myself in botany and plant and mushroom identification. Here are some tips I’ve learned so far. Read more updates on my uncivilization project. When trying to learn how to identify plants, a common first move is to buy an edible plant identification guide (with a key). I did […]

Why I Decided to Uncivilize Without Money

In the traditional culture, villagers provided for their basic needs without money. They had developed skills that enabled them to grow barley at 12,000 feet … People knew how to build houses with their own hands from the materials of the immediate surroundings … Now, suddenly, as part of the international money economy, Ladakhis find […]

Uncivilization: Jeremy

Early 2011 I got so tired of life that I decided to go hiking, to try to live off the land somewhere in Sweden not caring about its consequences. That year I started practicing primitive skills and slept in Dutch woods regularly. June 21 of 2012 I resigned from my job, spent the last of […]

Uncivilization: Jacobi

I am a 21-year-old who was raised in small towns and cities my entire life. Although I have learned a lot about conservation practice through independent reading, and I have some wilderness skills, my knowledge is quite limited, not at all good enough to survive independently of civilization for any lengthy amount of time. In […]

About the Wild Will Project

The Wild Will Project is an attempt to figure out what rewilders can do about our common desire to live outside the bounds of civilization. All possibilities are open for consideration. Perhaps there are too few people willing to commit to true rewilding to result in anything more than a network of band societies and conservation […]