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Back on the road

The start July 12, the night before I intend to hitchhike. The plan is to start hitchhiking the next morning, six A.M., from Leer, Germany through Denmark crossing two bridges, into Sweden, to meet an old friend of mine, who I did not have communication with for two or three years. Then to hitchhike all […]

A letter to civilization

Dear civilization, I was born on this planet┬ábut did not choose so. Yet I love to be here but your services keep stealing my freedom. That I was born on this planet does not mean I have to conform to your needs. That I use your roads does not mean I want to use them. […]

Uncivilization: Jeremy

Early 2011 I got so tired of life that I decided to go hiking, to try to live off the land somewhere in Sweden not caring about its consequences. That year I started practicing primitive skills and slept in Dutch woods regularly. June 21 of 2012 I resigned from my job, spent the last of […]